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"Open source is just a more efficient, effective software business model. It's more than just cheaper software. It's a shift, a movement reshaping the dynamics of a modern software company."
--  John Roberts
Co-founder SugarCRM -Open Source CRM

GIST Introduction

GIST is the worlds first open source commercial Global Distribution Systems (GDS)/Computer Reservations Systems (CRS) based software that will ideally fetch* PNR/booking files data, filter, format, compile taxes/fares, save, present in UI for editing, prorate airline fares and print PNR/non PNR (edited/entered) data on tickets & other stationary or documents, utilizing commonly available printers to eliminate manual intervention that leads to minimization of errors and increases productivity of traveling agents, airport and vendors’ staff to offer greater value to the end travelers.

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To utilize GIST with all GDS/CRS and their vendors to eliminate manual intervention from any type of document under use of GDS/CRS industry and related areas.

To provide anyone an opportunity to contribute to the GIST effort by providing help in the form of:

  •  using GIST.

  •  reporting bugs.

  •  suggesting UI up gradations.

  •  suggesting architecture up gradations.

  •  suggesting features up gradations.

  •  contributing in code development effort.

  •  help in diversifying GIST application to platforms other than Windows.

  •  donating XML/OLE based mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs) license to integrate that with GIST.

  •  providing GDS/CRS technical support i.e. for formats, IDs and emulator (command screen).

  •  spreading a word of mouth for GIST.

  •  donating money etc.

gTeam -The GIST Team

The gTeam is the team of experienced and dedicated developers. Who both believe in open source and dedicate their efforts for the cause under the umbrella of the world's largest Open Source software development website

Reasoning: "why Open Source applications are better?"

GDS/CRS based document and ticket printing applications are well understood among travel agents community. Their functional components are straight forward, the technology is sound and mature, and the benefits of successful deployments clearly generate value for GDSs/CRSs and their vendors. So why are these applications so expensive?  Why are there so few choices on the market for companies to consider?

The reason that there are so few GDS/CRS vendors is not because it’s costly to build great GDS/CRS applications, but because of the costs required to market and sell GDS/CRS applications' use. Take a look at the financials of any of the established CRS players, both hosted and on-premise. What you will see is that less than 15% of a CRS vendor's revenue is applied to product development and easily 50-70% of revenue is allocated to sales and marketing expenditures. This has been the norm for traditional software companies too, but is it the right model for today?

Availing a GDS/CRS application at $50-100 per user per month over a three year period far exceeds the cost of running an open source based GDS/CRS application. Installation is that easy and GIST is far more flexible and extendable than anything you can have from a GDS/CRS provider.

Modern open source based software companies are built on business models that are much more efficient and cost effective in building software, distributing software and acquiring customers. They spend far less on marketing and sales and far more on engineering and quality. Since the open source project is such an effective marketing mechanism, open source companies can keep their sales and marketing costs low. Revenues are plowed back into the product development.

Providing application source code to customers is a good thing. Gone are the days of "custom demos" by trained sales consultants. At GIST, our source code is available to all. Download it, install it, run it for free or upgrade to a commercial license – your choice. Our bug lists are published, our feature roadmap laid out, our quality assurance testing shared with real customers – in real time. We only want to be paid once we have proven we have generated value for your company, not one minute sooner. Last but not least, please rest assured that if you don’t pay/donate then you wouldn’t get less support or crippled versions.

GIST Contacts

See Support Page, also available all the times via hyperlink @ the top of every page.

*Feature of fetching data from GDS/CRS will only be available if mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs) (OLE/XML form) license will be granted/donated to GIST team by their respective GDS/CRS vendors.

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