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About this page

You have accessed the 'Support' page of the 'gist' project. GIST project team provides support for the software. This point forward are instructions for getting support from the gist project. ^

About this project

Project UNIX name: gist
Project name: GIST -GDS Innovative Sol. 4 Traveling
Project description: Software to fetch* data from GDS/CRS, shape, save, present & print PNR/nonPNR data over Airline Tickets, Hotel, Rent-A-Car, Railway & Cruise Vouchers, also XOs, Invoices, MCOs, Departure Tax Voucher, Embarkation/Disembarkation Cards & Boarding Passes etc. ^

Self-Help Resources for this project

Before contacting the gist project regarding a support issue, we encourage you to try using any self-help materials that the gist project provides, such as documentation, known bug lists, and troubleshooting guides.

The most likely places to find information of this nature would be the following places (in addition to the support resources listed below):
Documentation included in the file releases
Information on this GIST Project web site
Documentation provided via DocManager


Support Resources for this project

This project maintains a number of support resources on To help ensure your issue is handled in a timely manner, the gist project administrators has specified that they prefer for their issues to be reported via email directly to the project administrators.

Instructions: You may contact the gist project by sending email directly to the project administrators for the project. Project administrators are shown in bold on the listing of project members. You may send them email by using the web-based mail submission form accessible using the "Send a Message to..." link at the bottom of their users page, or by sending email to their mail address.

If you are unable to use this support resource, or believe the project may have a different support resource that would be better for submitting this particular issue, please refer to the instructions below.

GIST project has the option to use services in supporting their project; we provide web-based discussion forums, email-based mailing lists (with web-based archives), a support and bug management system called the Tracker system, and a web-based form that may be used to send email to project developers. ^

The following resources are active for the gist project.

Blog Gist

Last but not least a gBlog is created with the intentions of 'have a quick and soft say for GIST' or 'leave a comment for nothing' or 'just to leave a foot mark on this path'. So gBlog GIST or read/comment for others' gBlog.

*Feature of fetching data from GDS/CRS will only be available if mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs) (OLE/XML form) license will be granted/donated to GIST team by their respective GDS/CRS vendors.

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Send email directly to the project administrators with questions or comments about this web site.
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