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What is XML/OLE based mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs)?
What is GDS/CRS?
Name few popular GDS/CRS vendors and their
XML/OLE based mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs)?

What is XML/OLE based mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs)?
XML/OLE based mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs) allow to create server-based and desktop-applications or Web-based booking engines and other. It allows standardized access to the structured data formats of GDS/CRS, while also providing interfaces that can handle any number of transactions simultaneously. It standardizes the movement of data between third party applications like GIST application and GDS/CRS by providing customized XML tags or filter fields file that correspond to the specific data structures within the GDS/CRS. A developer simply embeds these specialized XML tags or filter files within the user application. ^

What is GDS/CRS?
Travel is sold more than any other consumer product over the Internet. Nearly 37 million of America’s more than 162-million active Internet users have already purchased travel online. Millions of travel agents and the public are buying and hotels, airlines, car rental companies, etc. are selling, i.e. working together to exchange travel services.  Among the places where buyers search for travel services are world’s global distribution systems. These systems are electronic supermarkets linking buyers to sellers and allowing reservations to be made quickly and easily. Online travel bookings exceeded $23 billion in 2001, and are expected to reach $63 billion by 2005.

The airline industry created the first GDS/CRS in the 1960s as a way to keep track of flight schedules, availability, and prices. The GDSs were actually among the first e-commerce companies in the world facilitating B2B electronic commerce as early as the mid 1970s, when SABRE (owned by American Airline) and Apollo (United) began installing their propriety internal reservations systems in travel agencies. The airlines realized that by automating the reservation process for travel agents, they could make the travel agents more productive and essentially turn into an extension of the airline’s sales force. It is these original, legacy GDSs that today provide the backbone to the Internet travel distribution system. 

There are currently four major GDS systems: 

  1. Amadeus

  2. Galileo

  3. Sabre

  4. Worldspan

In addition, there are several smaller or regional GDSs, including SITA’s Sahara, Infini (Japan), Axess (Japan), Tapas (Korea), Fantasia (South Pacific), and Abacus (Asia/Pacific) that serve interests or specific regions or countries. ^

Name few popular GDS/CRS vendors and their XML/OLE based mediocre application programming interfaces (APIs)?
Worlds few most popular GDS/CRS vendors are:
Galileo GDS
The Galileo global travel distribution system, also known as the Apollo system in North America and Japan.

Galileo provides the XML-Select API -

Amadeus GDS
The Amadeus global travel distribution system.
Amadeus provides the Amadeus API -

Sabre GDS
The Sabre global travel distribution system.
Sabre provides the XML Power Toolkit -

Worldspan GDS
The Worldspan global travel distribution system.
Worldspan provides the XML Pro -

Abacus CRS
Provides Computer Reservation System (CRS) services specially tailored for customers in the Asia-Pacific market.
Abacus based data can also be accessed through Sabre toolkit.

Other GDS/CRS can be observed at Google directory


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